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Butcher (2015)
Presented by The Harold Clurman Lab Theater 

Directed by Stephanie C. Cunningham


Featuring Regina Gibson, Jarret Kerr, Kim Krane, Richard O'Brien, Kevin Pettei, Reynaldo Piniella, Angela Polite, Tristan Sample, and Angela Vitale


Set Designer: Anshuman Bhatia 

Costume Designer: Debbi Hobson

Lighting Designer: Ben Bauer

Sound Designer: Mark Van Hare

Stage Manager: Ryan Anthony

Gordy Crashes (2015)
Presented by Ricochet Collective and IRT

Directed by Sherri Eden Barber


Featuring Dave Klasko, Jody Flader, and Ruffin Prentiss


Set Designer: Kate Noll 

Costume Designer: Stephanie Levin

Lighting Designer: Serena Wong 

Composer & Sound Designer: Mark Van Hare

Projection Designer: Paul Piekarz

Fight Director: Jacob Grigolia-Rosenbaum

Dramaturg: Joseph Pindelski

Casting Director: Christine McKenna

Graphic Design: Julian Leon

Assistant Director/Technical Director: Gage Steenhagen

Standard Aptitude (2014)

Presented by The New School for Drama as part of the 2014 New Voices Festival


Directed by Suzanne Karpinski


Featuring Noam Blanks, Janice Gerlach, Jeffrey Adams, and Amy Fulgham


Set Design: Anshuman Bhatia

Costumes: Caitlin Cisek

Lighting Design: Dante Olivia Smith

Sound Design: Beth Lake

Animals (2012)

Presented by Wide Eyed Productions and The Present Company's New York International Fringe Festival


Directed by Kristin Skye Hoffmann (Winner, Festival Award for Best Direction)


Featuring Leif Steinert, Jenna D'Angelo,

Jeffrey Adams, Sky Seals, and Sarah Jadin


Set and Lighting Design: Cate DiGirolamo

Sound Design: Trevor Dallier

Casting: Kate Murray

Fight Direction: Jake Paque

Props: Judy Merrick

ACR: Leonora Bernstein

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